Copy Right Notice


WannaSupply reserves the right to make changes, as and when they are deemed necessary, to any and all pages on the web site (and the network of sites within the brand). This includes but is not limited to design layouts, search methods, content, all coding etc.

No materials used on the WannaSupply network of sites may be uplifted for use in other publications. (Both online or offline). These materials include logos created by ourselves, the site layouts and design, scanned and/or resized photographic materials and all html coding. Permission may not under any circumstances be given to webmasters of other web sites to uplift photographs or materials from our sites. Please be aware that this practice is illegal and we will take action against anyone who uplifts content from our sites without express, written permission from ourselves. (Permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided we are consulted beforehand).



By accepting these Terms and Conditions and by paying for advertising on WannaSupply, the advertiser/owner grants WannaSupply a license to use the copy and the photographs on its web site. WannaSupply is not responsible for any infringement of copyright laws resulting from material supplied by the Advertiser and the Advertiser indemnifies WannaSupply against any action brought for breach of copyright or other rights from the use of such material supplied by the advertiser.


WannaSupply shall be entitled to reproduce part or whole of any photographic material supplied by the advertiser in the promotion of either the Advertiser’s property or the promotion of South Africa as a Tourist Destination for the greater good of all advertisers on the site and the Tourism Industry in general. (Specific requests for non-inclusion will be respected).


Please note that we do business with our clients under these terms and conditions. We are not bound by conditions or instructions by advertisers which conflict with these terms and conditions.